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Integrating efficiency through technology

We are one of the largest North American, third-party administrators, with proven experience in business process outsourcing services. Our proprietary software platform will transform your operations into a cost-efficient, customer-focused digital enterprise.

We are experts in rapidly launching new products and processing both open and closed books of insurance policies, supporting underwriting and policy owner services for life, health, long-term care and annuity products across individual and group markets.

How we can help

At illumifin, our team has the deep industry expertise to handle all of your insurance business process needs, including new business, customer services, call center and claims and policy accounting.

Open book of business

As you continue to grow your business through new products and policies, it pays to outsource your day-to-day insurance business process services so your team can focus on what they do best — growing your business. At illumifin, our decades of experience in product launches, administering an active sales force, and underwriting new policies make us your ideal partner.

Closed book of business

Closed book policies can be costly to manage in-house over time as they become increasingly expensive to service. At illumifin, we can help minimize expenses by leveraging a variable pricing structure and managing all of your end-to-end services with our lower-touch, automated approach.

Your best choice for insurance business process outsourcing

At illumifin, our team has the deep industry expertise to handle all of your insurance business process needs, including new business, customer services, call center and claims and policy accounting.

Proprietary administration system

Our state-of-the-art software platform makes it easy to streamline policy administration, enhance efficiency and harness the power of data.

Single modern framework

Designed from the ground up for maximum efficiency, our platform replaces the encumbrance of legacy systems.

Superior service

Our team’s deep industry experience allows us to deliver first-class superior service with a customer focused approach.

Transforming the future

At illumifin, we’re focused on building future insurance business process services that leverages robotics and automation—from front-end self-service through back-end robotics processing.


Surveying the Cost of Care

When is the last time you and your friends talked about the cost of long-term care? It’s not exactly a subject that is going to enliven the evening, or put people in the party spirit. It’s one of those things no-one wants to talk about, but at some point in their lives, a majority of Americans will have a long-term care event.  Planning ahead therefore not only makes sense, it’s a necessity. Results from the Urban Institute show that 70% of adults who survive to age 65 develop severe long-term services and support (LTSS) needs before they die and 48% receive some paid care over their lifetime.

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Flattening the Claims Curve

A few years ago, anyone talking about ‘flattening the curve’ would have had to do a lot of explaining unless they were talking to a specialist audience. But since the COVID19 pandemic began, ‘flattening the curve’ has become a well-known and hotly debated issue. For some of us working in the long-term care (LTC) industry, it’s also something we have been aware of for a long time, but it’s only in the last five years that it’s become an industry focus.

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Fighting LTC insurance fraud with last century’s tools?

If I had been talking about fraud last summer, I’d be citing US insurance fraud in the US, running at $80 billion. As an industry, we’ve been using this number for almost three decades. We all knew it was wrong – probably wildly wrong. It’s no surprise to any of us that somehow, the insurance industry has gotten used to putting up with old, incomplete, unreliable fraud data – and was also struggling to find new ways to tackle the increasingly complex issues in this ballooning problem.

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