Claims Clearinghouse

Insurance claims platform

Every year, insurers process millions of unstructured invoice documents, forcing claimants and care providers to rely on labor-intensive processes that have been difficult to automate. This detracts from the productivity of personnel and limits profitability.

At illumifin, we’re changing this dynamic with Claims Clearinghouse. This innovative platform simplifies claims data and creates more efficient workflows to ensure policyholders are receiving claim payments from their policy as quickly as possible.

How Claims Clearinghouse helps providers

Claims Clearinghouse is part of the CareExchange network, an end-to-end digital claims management platform designed to expedite review of care provider invoices and the claim payment process.

Connected network

CareExchange Clearinghouse supports and enhances provider business processes through connectivity to each provider’s existing software system.

Faster resolution

Automation increases the speed of processing, shortening time to claim payment.

Operations expertise

illumifin is the largest LTC claims payer in the industry, paying out $3 billion in annual benefits.

How Claims Clearinghouse helps carriers

Claims Clearinghouse standardizes data and enables straight-through digital claims processing and advanced analytics to expedite handling and reduce time spent on analyzing invoices and following up for missing information.

CareExchange digital claims management platform

Our system informs our internal fraud specialists, actuarial team, and other experts of trends and potential flags on blocks of business or individual claims.

Enhanced analytics

Our solutions combat fraud, waste, abuse, and ensure claim payments align with policy terms and conditions.

Open API

Our open API easily and efficiently digitizes claim data and reduces manual data entry.

Longstanding provider relationships

We are well connected to hundreds of thousands of providers due to our extensive provider network, allowing for interest and cooperation and expand our platform with their business.

ISO 27001 certification

Carriers can rest assured that illumifin’s security management system is verified and certified.

HIPAA compliance

Extensive development and research has been done to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations for this first-of-its-kind platform in the industry.

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