Claims and underwriting risk assessments

Accurate data for insurers

When evaluating underwriting and claim eligibility, insurers across the nation trust illumifin to gather accurate, reliable, and objective data related to their applicants and policyholders. Our risk assessment services use state-of-the-art technology to quickly and efficiently give our clients a better understanding of applicants’ and claimants’ functional and cognitive status to ensure proper risk management.

We specialize in underwriting and claim eligibility for long-term care, life, disability, chronic illness, critical illness as well as Medicare supplement eligibility.

How we can help

At illumifin, we provide our customers with the risk assessment data they need to make the best decisions.

Underwriting and claim assessments

illumifin is able to evaluate your applicant utilizing telephonic, video, or in-home underwriting assessments using either standardized or custom scripting. Our team uses the industry’s most proven cognitive screens to detect the earliest stages of mild cognitive impairment. Our flexible technology allows us to integrate information from pharmacy, medical clearinghouses, Medical Information Bureau (MIB) or other third-party sources directly into the assessment questionnaire to validate your applicant’s reported health history. Our standardized assessment is informed by decades of knowledge of industry best practices and is regularly reviewed to ensure current risk management practices are integrated.

Claim assessments are an integral part of evaluating a claimant’s physical and cognitive function as well as unmet care needs. Our team utilizes our comprehensive tool to interact with claimants, caregivers, or family members, whether it be in person, on video, or telephonically. Our goal is to partner with our insurance carriers, providing actionable data to drive informed decisions.

Virtual assessments

Our virtual assessment offering allows us to interact with applicants and claimants remotely. Video technology is now widely accepted, which minimizes exposure for an already compromised claimant while maintaining essential visual insight to accurately measure and observe the customer’s cognitive and functional abilities.  Additionally, the virtual assessment improves customer experience by offering more flexible scheduling and the ease of including integral third parties such as family members and Powers of Attorney.

Your best choice for assessments

Informed risk management

Our assessments are highly accurate, providing the essential information insurers need to make critical decisions for applicants and claimants.

Highly sensitive cognitive screening

The Enhanced Mental Skills Test and Minnesota Cognitive Acuity Screen are the gold standard for detecting everything from mild cognitive impairment to dementia.

State-of-the-art technology

Utilizing our HIPAA compliant digital assessment platform, our team is able to accurately capture information efficiently and securely.

Clinical review of best practices in assessment completion

Our clinical quality review process assures that each assessment completed has been reviewed prior to submission to the insurer.

Results you can count on

Qualified professionals make the difference

Our in-person assessments are completed utilizing our nationwide network consisting of thousands of registered nurses encompassing all 50 states and US territories. The nurses in our network undergo a rigorous selection process, thorough background screening and onboarding protocols to ensure that high-quality, accurate and objective information is provided to our insurance partners. Our in-house clinical quality assurance team ensures the highest quality product is provided.

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CMPA and CAA Certified

illumifin is designated by the State of California as a Care Management Provider Agency (CMPA) and the State of Connecticut as a Care Access Agency (CAA) through its subsidiary, LifePlans, LLC.

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