Data analytics platform

The insurance analytics platform takes client information and unlocks the full power of data, providing valuable insights for accurate forecasting through trend visualization based on our deep actuarial expertise.

Our data solution leverages machine learning to develop and report key action-driven business intelligence insights. This big data solution is based on Snowflake, keeping all of your policyholder and policy management data in the cloud for true efficiency and flexibility.

Insurance analytics services

Our adaptable insurance analytics platform integrates with on-premises, cloud or SaaS back-office implementations, building on existing data sets or creating insurance data visualizations based on Microsoft Power BI. illumifin’s data is based on the Snowflake data platform and thus leverages Snowflake security across Access, Authentication, Authorization, and Data encryption as well as Azure physical security and redundancy.

Key capabilities/features


works with or without existing data sets

User Friendly:

accessible to non-technical users


supports integration with existing products


Data Vault 2.0 modeling supports customization schema drift


supports dedicated Operational Data Store or data warehousing strategies


Data updates in scheduled and near-realtime pipelines


Snowflake security and Azure physical security and redundancy

Feature spotlight

Historical analysis

The illumifin data solution determines actuarial data trends using both historical data and dynamic data elements in disability, annuities, long-term care, health, and life insurance data analytics which are calculated, rather than typically stored.

Data warehousing in the insurance industry

illumifin’s data solution creates a simplified data model that eliminates the confusing clutter of non-essential information and allows even non-technical users to view data patterns in health, life and other insurance data analytics.

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