Insurance portal software

Through our insurance portal system, we have simplified the billing challenges for both small and large complex groups. Through our “straight-through” process of both member enrollments and updates, as well as remittance files, we aim to create a user-friendly experience for our clients.

Insurance portal services

Based on our API layer, the insurance self-service portal makes management easier for both policyholders and administrators by giving carriers’ clients and partners the ability to manage their own insurance policies.

illumifin’s portal unlocks real-time access to information, including tablet and mobile app support. Different insurance self-service portals are available to serve the specific needs of users and can be white labeled to create a more cohesive customer experience.

The group administrator, provider and customer portal process changes in the back office in real-time, following the business rules and security profiles configured. In addition, insurance companies can white label the self-service portals for their customers or partners, creating a consistent user experience.

Our insurance self-service portal pages can integrate seamlessly into the carrier portal, including security integration through SSO, and are ADA compliant (level AA).

Some functions self-registered customers can perform are:

Viewing policy details

Updating personal information

Viewing billing/payments

Changing payment methods

Making payments

Viewing and changing beneficiaries

Changing owners

View policy documents

Feature spotlight

360-degree client view

Clients, brokers and group administrators can get a complete picture of a client’s position through our comprehensive dashboards. Real-time updates and self-service access make it easy to instantly rebalance and adjust policies to meet changing needs.

eDelivery capabilities

illumifin’s portals provide clients and administrators the ability to easily find and instantly access forms, policy documents, and invoices through the portal, increasing efficiency by freeing time currently spent on service requests.

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