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Aging in place and insurance resources

When health, life and long-term care (LTC) insurance carriers help promote “aging in place”, they not only help policyholders stay in their homes longer, but they also help keep them safer, reducing overall claims.

At illumifin, we educate carriers and policyholders on strategies and services to maintain independence, saving out-of-pocket expenses for policyholders and mitigating larger claims for carriers. Through access to our Caregiver Advocate site, our independent aging solution, policyholders and their family members can stay informed on topics related to aging and independence.

Caregiver Advocate website

The Caregiver Advocate website is your best choice for independent aging resources. We’ve gathered helpful information to help older adults stay in their homes longer and have created our Caregiver Advocate website to put that information right at our LTC policyholders’ fingertips. Policyholders can also invite friends or family members to use the site.

Provider information

Users can access the information they need about providers to help them make the best decisions for their care.

LTC insurance expertise

Our deep experience managing more than 1 million LTC policies gives us the perspective we need to understand the industry.

Time savings

We streamline searches and provide the help policyholders need to make educated decisions in less time.

Added value

Caregiver Advocate makes policyholders’ LTC insurance experience more favorable and helps them get in contact with providers within illumifin’s discounted network.

Special discounts

We leverage the buying power of our more than 1 million LTC policyholders to negotiate the best discounts with providers.

Data analytics

Carriers can use policyholder behavior data to offer solutions that help prevent claims before they start.

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