Cost of Care survey

When creating a financial plan for someone who is heading into retirement or helping aging family members in need of care, it is critical to understand the current costs of long-term care (LTC).

Our Cost of Care survey has been completed annually since 2013 and is detailed at a national, state, and local level, across over 300 metropolitan areas. The survey takes a comprehensive look at costs associated with skilled nursing, assisted living, home care and adult daycare.

How our clients benefit from our Cost of Care survey

Convenient formats

The Cost of Care survey is available for purchase in multiple formats, including data files, carrier-branded websites, and even APIs, where the data could be used to refresh internal websites or tools each year.

Digital review

Carriers can use details from our Cost of Care survey to boost many different areas of their business, including sales and marketing discussions, rate increase decisions, and actuarial projections.

Cost of care data you can count on

• Over 50,000 data points are collected as a part of the survey.
• Survey is peer reviewed by illumifin’s data scientist and our in-house actuarial team before results are published.
• To promote participation, our survey data is collected electronically through use of ProviderHub

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