Electronic visit verification

While independent providers generally make up a small percentage of caregivers, this population generally does not have access to the tools and resources to make their caregiving experience a win-win for both the caregiver and the insurance carrier. Through use of CareExchange, the caregiver utilizes an online platform to record the specifics of each shift. Carriers use this information to process claims more efficiently, and additional controls within the platform ensure that the care being provided is not generating any suspicious or fraudulent activity.

Benefits to claimants

Better processes help everyone involved, including claimants. The EVV solution offers information at their fingertips to ensure claim payments are processed in an expedited fashion.

Simplified process

The transparent submission process reduces time to receive reimbursement.

Digital review

Online access allows review of service visit information and electronic submission of invoices.

Secure eSign

Additional verification is available through electronic signature capabilities.

Streamlined invoicing

Invoices flow electronically from the EVV platform in to the claim payment system, eliminating the delays typically seen when sending in documentation through fax or mail.

Confidential messaging

Secure communication with illumifin’s CareExchange team is available within the EVV platform, or a telephonic support line is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Helpful notifications

Convenient reminders prompt activity completion, such as invoice submission.

Benefits to providers

Electronic visit verification software simplifies paperwork and eliminates any risk for missing information on the invoice sent to the insurance carrier.

Increased efficiency

Processes are simplified and streamlined with improved accuracy due to digitization of hours worked and the caregiving tasks performed during each shift.

Less administration

Time spent on maintaining paper documentation and other administrative tasks is reduced.


Multiple methods are used to capture service visit information — via phone or mobile device.

Centralized location

Find service visit information for clients in one place.

Downloadable information

Access or download compensation information for financial records.

Helpful messaging

Email alerts notify users of newly released features, training, and announcements.

illumifin’s electronic visit verification solution

• Mobile responsive application with GPS geolocation
• Visit-level insights and automated flags for carriers
• Paperless experience for all users
• Mitigate fraud, waste and abuse
• Transparency for family
• Compliant, scalable and secure

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